Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (2019)

This IEEE/SEMI/ASME Roadmap is freely downloadable.
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A PDF of the full Roadmap (617 pages, 90 MB) can be downloaded at this location:


A full version of the Roadmap, with active PDF navigation and full-text search, can be downloaded as a ZIP file and expanded into a folder/directory on your computer. Please access it here:

pwesling.com/docs/hir1.zip (85 MB)

Full One-hour Videos on Each Chapter of the Roadmap

(Download the corresponding Chapter before viewing)

Chapter 1: Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap: Driving Force and Enabling Technology for Systems of the Future [video, May 6, 2020]
    -- Chapter 1: intro to HIR, structure, highlights, examples from chapters, how to download and use ...

Chapter 2: Heterogeneous Integration for High-Performance Computing and Data Centers [video, June 18, 2020]
    -- systems-in-a-package (SiPs), technology limitations, new and emerging applications, scaling needs, potential solutions, longer-term challenges ...

Chapter 4: Packaging of Electronics for Medical, Health and Wearables Applications [video, September 10, 2020]
    -- heterogeneous integration, advance packaging, new materials, assembly technologies, forecasts ...

Chapter 9: Integrated Photonics for Heterogeneous Integration [video, August 8, 2020]
    -- design, analysis, current capabilities, challenges ...

Chapter 13: Co-Design for Heterogeneous Integration [video, July 23, 2020]
    -- design, analysis, current capabilities, challenges ...

Chapter 14: Modeling and Simulation for Heterogeneous Integration [video, July 8, 2020]
    -- design, modeling and simulation tools, chip-package-board-system domains, key challenges, potential solutions ...

Chapter 17: Test Technology for Heterogeneous Integration [video, July 2, 2020]
    -- test cost, complexity, density, integration, performance, challenges ...

Chapter 20: Thermal Management Challenges and Opportunities for Heterogeneous Packages [video, May 27, 2020]
    -- canonical problems, interface materials, air cooling, liquid cooling, modeling, challenges ...

Chapter 22: Interconnects for 2D and 3D Architectures [video, May 13, 2020]
    -- definitions, evolution, key metrics, bandwidth, power delivery, signaling ...

Overview Videos for the Roadmap Chapters

These ~15-minute videos contain short summaries of each Chapter, presented by the Working Group Chairs -- prepared for the ECTC Conference, summer 2020.

View the Overview of the Roadmap   Download Chapter 1
View the HPC and Data Centers Summary   Download Chapter 2
View the Internet of Things (IoT) Summary   Download Chapter 3
View the Medical, Health and Wearables Summary   Download Chapter 4
View the Automotive Summary   Download Chapter 5
View the Aerospace and Defense Summary   Download Chapter 6
View the Mobile Summary   Download Chapter 7
View the Single-Chip and Multi-Chip Integration Summary   Download Chapter 8
View the Integrated Photonics Summary   Download Chapter 9
View the Integrated Power Electronics Summary   Download Chapter 10
View the MEMS and Sensors Summary   Download Chapter 11
View the 5G Communications Summary   Download Chapter 12
View the Co-Design Summary   Download Chapter 13
View the Modeling and Simulation Summary   Download Chapter 14
View the Materials and Emerging Research Materials Summary   Download Chapter 15
View the Emerging Research Devices Summary   Download Chapter 16
View the Test Technology Summary   Download Chapter 17
View the Supply Chain Summary   Download Chapter 18
View the Cybersecurity Summary   Download Chapter 19
View the Thermal Summary   Download Chapter 20
View the SiP and Module Summary   Download Chapter 21
View the 2D-3D and Interconnect Summary   Download Chapter 22
View the Wafer Level Packaging Summary   Download Chapter 23